5 Common Wedding Mistakes to Avoid

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Mistake 1: Not planning ahead

While this may seem obvious, I struggled with planning ahead during my own wedding, because I assumed, as a Wedding Planner, things would all fall into place. I didn’t realize how absolutely wrong I was until I was trying to find a venue. The venue search is a process that needs to be done a year in advance before your wedding, especially if you’re planning a spring or fall wedding. Venues book up so quickly, and you will also need to keep in mind any food and beverage minimums when choosing.


Mistake 2: Not asking your vendors for their best form of communication

I’ve seen it time and time again: brides come to me and ask “Why is my {insert vendor here} not responding to any of my emails?” I hate when this happens, because vendors should always be communicating with their clients. One thing to keep in mind though is wedding vendors sometimes have other jobs. I advise my clients to ask their vendors when they book them this golden question: What is the best way I can reach you? Some vendors respond best to a phone call; other vendors may respond best to an Instagram DM. Knowing this information early on will help you have the best experience possible with your vendor


Mistake 3: Assuming your friends and family will clean up the wedding after its over

One mistake that needs to stop is this one! I understand wanting to save money on your big day. Weddings are very expensive. But hiring a cleaning crew or paying your caterer to clean up at the end of the evening (if the venue doesn’t) is a must. You cannot assume your family or parents will be staying at the end of the evening to pick up trash in their formal attire. It also is not fair to assume your Wedding Planner or Venue Coordinator will be cleaning up trash either.  


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Mistake 4: Misunderstanding vendor roles

When your vendors give you contracts, it is also important to get a list of tasks that they do and what they don’t do. This is especially important for Wedding Planners and Caterers. At Darling Found, we are more than happy to set up your personal wedding decor (frames, signage, favors, guest book, etc.), but we do not set up flatware, floral, or food. For Caterers, some will serve food and others will place it out for guests to serve themselves. Familiarize yourself with the contracts, so you are able to prepare for your wedding day.


Mistake 5: Set your expectations properly

I’ve said this before in other blogs, but it should be said again. Weddings are the most special days, but we are all human. Understand that things may go wrong on your wedding, but don’t forget WHY you are getting married. You get to marry the love of your life!

Hire the proper help to make your day go smoothly and you’ll only remember having the best day. I make sure if things go wrong on the wedding day, I don’t tell my brides. Especially if it’s something I can handle on my own. There’s no reason they need to get stressed out, if it isn’t an emergency!


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