6 Tips For What To Wear To A Wedding

Simple is best!

PSA: Weddings are not the time to show off your most glittery or show stopping dress in your closet. Try your best not to out shadow the bride. A simple dress or jumpsuit is perfect for any wedding. Dress it up or down depending on the style of wedding and you are good to go. Keep the attention on the happy couple!


Avoid white, at all costs!

Wearing white is probably one of the awkward things you could ever wear to a wedding! The bride should stand out as the only one wearing white, so please stay away from anything white or close to white. Color is your friend here, and if you’re not big into bold colors, a soft blush or classic black are the way to go. 



Keep the time of year in mind.

You definitely want to be comfortable when attending a wedding. Checking to see what the weather will be, especially for an outdoor event, is super important. If it is going to be hot make sure you stay away from colors like light grey where you may be able to see sweat. In the winter it is always a good idea to bring a jacket or shawl, whatever works better with your outfit!


Don’t look like a bridesmaid.

Make sure you know what the wedding colors are. This way you can avoid those colors and not accidentally look like the 5th bridesmaid. If you know what the bridesmaids gowns look like, you can make sure to stay away. Get the inside scoop from the bridal party if you’re worried about making this mistake!


Keep the venue in mind.

The venue says a lot about the whole style of the wedding. Is it on the beach or maybe in an elegant castle? Each of those venues tell a different story and therefore a different style of dress is required for each. A flowy sundress may be perfect for the beach whereas a full length gown may be required for the castle venue. You want to fit in with the setting and you don’t want to look out of place!


Stay classy!

Keep it classy, plain and simple. I always like to think about what I would wear if I knew I was going to see my grandma. Nothing too low cut, short or tight. Dress for your body and you will always be confident in what you’re wearing and be comfortable throughout the night!