Find the Best Wedding Vendors From Your Phone

Before we dive into this post, let’s introduce our girl, Blake.



Blake Patricia is a wedding guru in Phoenix, Arizona and is currently planning her own wedding! Social media is a big part of her life, but she didn’t realize how much of an emphasis it would play into her wedding. Blake is seriously one of the most genuine people I know and she was kind enough to let me interview her for this blog post. 



We know there’s several different platforms to work with when finding vendors, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. That can be overwhelming though. What is the best platform for finding vendors? Why?


Blake: I prefer to use Instagram because it allows me to get to know the business or business owner. I followed my makeup artist on Instagram for a few weeks before booking with her just because I could relate to her Instagram stories and her life. She cracked me up and I felt like I could be her friend so I hired her. I have either found or booked my ceremony location, reception venue, make up artist and live musicians all from Instagram!


What are the benefits of using Instagram to find vendors?


I love to use Instagram to find vendors for my wedding for a few reasons. 1. It allows me to me see a portfolio of all of their work on their feed and in their tagged photos. 2. I can contact them directly through their DMs or through the direct message button. 3. I can also see what other vendors they work with on a consistent basis.


Should you DM through Instagram or email the vendor?


Since I am a wedding professional, I would prefer an email from a client. However, I did DM my makeup artist and musician to initially get into contact with them!


Should you find all your vendors through Instagram or only your photographer?


I would suggest searching through Instagram to find any vendor! You’d be surprised what vendors or outfits/accessories you can find just going down the rabbit hole of a certain couple’s hashtag or featured wedding, tagged photos of vendors or your venues pinned location on Instagram. It is insane how much inspiration but also shopping I did from Instagram.


Is it weird to DM other brides from a particular vendors to ask them about their wedding day?


I would only do that if I was questioning the work ethic or outcome of a relationship with a certain vendor. That’s not my personal style and it hasn’t happened to me yet, so I can’t say too much about that!


Thank you Blake for your input! We are so excited to see pictures from your wedding at the end of the month!


1st photo credit: Taylor Bellais Photography

2nd photo credit: Lauren J. Photography