Get The Most Out Of Your Wedding Registry

1. Use a registry that has EVERYTHING.

Wedding registries have become so freaking easy, all thanks to the internet. Remember all those chick flicks we watched as kids, where the engaged couple walked into the department stores with a scan gun and hoped the store had what they need. While I admit, I really loved the idea of walking into a store and scanning things I don’t need, I knew for our real registry, we would need something online. That is why we picked Amazon for our wedding registry. It was an endless amount of items that we were able to compare products and check reviews for all of our items. That ensured all of our items were quality and were exactly what we wanted!

2. Don’t be afraid of putting large ticket items on your registry.

This was a piece of advice that we got from our friends who got married before us. They said they regretted not putting more expensive items on the registry, because they were afraid no one would buy them. So, we did it. We added items that we were slightly ashamed of even asking for, but to our amazement, some of our family members actually bought them! We were so overwhelmed by our family’s generosity.


3. Include items that you and your spouse love, but feel free to put items that may only appeal to one of you.

Obviously, your wedding is about the two of you, but there will be some household items that you may want and use that your spouse will not. Don’t feel bad about adding pie dishes, an Amazon Echo, or a fuzzy robe to the registry! People love purchasing fun gifts, so put anything you know you’ll actually use!


4. Register for the basics!

As fun as a waffle iron or pie dish is, make sure you register for the basics: flatware set, glassware, pots & pans, oven mitts, and hand towels. Those items get really pricey if you forget to add them to your registry, and you find yourself spending a bunch of money after you spend a fortune on your wedding. We couldn’t add certain items to our registry, such as the couch or some furniture pieces, but our kitchen was pretty much complete thanks to our registry!


5. Look for a registry that provides benefits! (discounts at the end / return policy)

When looking for your registry, don’t forget to do your research on the place you organize your registry through. Since registries have become very common for stores, they are starting to offer great benefits to joining their registry. Some give you a huge discount code for after the wedding. Some have incredible return policies. Then there are some that don’t offer anything – boo those!


6. Ask your married friends!

This was the best thing we did. We asked our friends what they wish they added to their registries and also what their favorite gift was on their registry. They gave us some great ideas and advice on the best things to ask for. We also did our research by looking for checklists and reading reviews!