How to *calmly* Prepare For Your Engagement Session

Congrats on getting engaged!

At this point, you still can’t stop staring at your ring, and why would you?! You have a fun road ahead of you between cake tastings, dress fittings, and venue searches. One of the most fun parts of the engagement period is your engagement shoot! You and your boo can get all dressed up and have stunning pictures to show off! #flawless

Here’s a few tips to help make planning your engagement session a breeze…

Darling Found engagement session with Ryann Lindsey Photography

Consider Your Location

The location of your engagement shoot should represent you as a couple. If you’re having trouble picking a location, consider a place that has meaning to you both. Like if you met in a dive bar, you can totally hit up the owner and see if they’ll let you set up your photographer… Only kidding! Some REAL examples include an in-home session, the location of one of your favorite dates, or a beautiful place you’ve explored together.


Plan Out Your Attire

First step, tell your honey, you NEED new clothes. This is an emergency. Or you can rationally find clothes in your closet that work for the occasion. But definitely, coordinate your clothing selections. My rule of thumb is to wear neutrals in order to have pictures that look good on your walls all year round. Don’t be that person wearing the trendiest stuff, because it will get old…to you. Be sure to dress like you guys. Don’t try to dress like someone you’re not. You will be most comfortable in clothing you have worn before (and looking uncomfortable shows in pictures). Avoid busy and too patterned clothing that will be distracting in pictures. Definitely try on your clothes beforehand and bring comfy shoes in case!


Pick Your Photographer

Don’t try to selfie this ish. Meet with your photographer before your shoot to make sure you guys jive well together. There’s a ton of personalities in the photography world. Don’t just pick your bff who happens to own a nice camera. Pick someone that makes you feel comfortable and does good work that you’ll want to show off to your future offspring. They are professionals, so trust what they tell you even if you think you may look silly. Often times, it’s the perfect shot!


Have Fun With Props

One thing people don’t think about for their engagement shoots are adding props. Props are so fun and bring more personality to your pictures. Examples of this are having a picnic, bringing your dog, popping bottles, creating a romantic lounge area, or bringing decor such as flowers or balloons.

Styled Darling Found engagement session with Taylor Bellais Photography


Think About Timing

Consider the time of year that your pictures will be taken. Choose the right season for the style you are going for. Don’t try to go summer vibes in the winter #awkward. Colors will play a huge role in the season your pictures are taken in. Also think about when you are sending out your save the dates. The pictures should still be relevant when they are sent out months later. Lastly, be prompt to your session. Photographers usually have a small window of time to get the best pictures of you during sunset, so you don’t want to miss out on any opportunities.


Don’t Forget About Hair and Makeup

Decide whether you want to get your hair and makeup done. Some brides will do their wedding makeup trial for their engagement shoot. Keep your makeup clean and simplistic. Timeless is always better!


If you don’t know where to start, find inspiration on wedding blogs!

Credit – Image 1 Ryann Lindsey Photography // Image 2 Taylor Bellais Photography



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